Learning Log – Rubrics
July 23, 2011, 1:27 PM
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Rubrics are a wonderful tool for assessing student work.  They allow us to list what is required to receive a certain score.  They let our students know the level of performance expected for the different levels of quality (on a number (1-4) or grade (D-A) scale).  Students can see exactly what is required of them to receive an A or a 4.  It is a great way for students to be able to check their own work before turning in an assignment. 

Quality rubrics also protect us as teachers.  It gives us the power to justify the grade we assign to our students.  If a parent complains about a student grade and the teacher has a quality rubric that they have followed throughout the grading process, the rubric is all the proof they need.

As a future PE teacher, I will be using rubrics frequently.  I saw them used quite a bit in my practicum this past semester.  Rubrics were used for skill assessment.  Students were given scores of 1 through 4 depending on their performance on the particular skill.  Skills were broken down into key points.   The number and quality of key points performed by the student corresponded with the numeric value they received.  Students were shown the rubric in advance and were given reminders of the key points the teacher was looking for.


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