Learning Log – Online Classes
July 23, 2011, 1:45 PM
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This was my first experience with an online class.  I entered the class not knowing what to expect.  I had heard different things about online classes.  Some people talked about how easy they are while others said they were more difficult than traditional classes.

It took me a while to adjust to this online format.  I have become so accustomed to attending class once or twice a week and completing whatever the assignments are in my free time.  The format of this class taught me quite a bit about time management.  Without the set times to attend class, I had to allot time throughout the weeks to “attend class” in the discussion forum as well as complete the numerous assignments.  This became easier and easier as the class progressed.  I began to realize the amount of time necessary to actively participate and complete quality work. 

I have come to enjoy the discussion forum set-up.  It allows us, as students, to learn from each other.  As opposed to a traditional classroom discussion, students have time to think through their comments and responses before posting.  The students from this class have many different levels of experience and are working or planning to work all around our schools.  The sharing of ideas amongst this wide variety of students can only help us all grow.  We all have the common goal of delivering the best education possible to our students.  The content of this class as well as the way it is set up can help us all get a little bit closer to achieving that goal.


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