Learning Log – Designing and Delivering Digital Experiences
July 23, 2011, 12:31 PM
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I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to come up with ideas for this final assignment.  With all of the technology we have learned about this summer, the opportunities were numerous.  Being able to apply what we learned about the technology to create an assignment we could actually use in our classes was a great experience.  After all, that’s one of the main purposes of this course, isn’t it?  Now that we have the knowledge of all of this technology, it is up to us to use it and come up with way to creatively transfer that knowledge to our students.

I chose Skype for this project because of its worldwide reach.  I also think the video conferencing will provide a memorable learning experience for my students.  Having an actual one-on-one video conference with a student from another country is much more memorable than an email, instant messaging, or a phone call. 

I realize there will be some difficulties with my project.  The toughest part will be finding partners for my students to Skype with.  My plan is to make connections with PE teachers from other countries through SIGs, Twitter, and blogs.  Once these connections are made, the next difficult task is to set up times for all of my students to Skype with their partners while keeping in mind the time differences between our countries.  There is also the potential for difficulties if the other country is non-English speaking.  While these are some very real difficulties, once these connections are made I could see having this as a yearly assignment that would be easier and easier to complete each year.

This assignment definitely addressed AASL standard 1, which states: “Candidates design and implement instruction that engages students’ interests and develops their ability to inquire, think critically, gain and share knowledge.”  Students interests are engaged by allowing them to select the topic that interests them most.  Inquiring, thinking critically, gaining and sharing knowledge are all parts of the assignment I created and should take place during the student’s Skype conferences.

The assignment also addresses AASL indicator 3.3, which states: “Candidates demonstrate their ability to design and adapt relevant learning experiences that engage students in authentic learning through the use of digital tools and resources.”  The learning experience I designed engages students in authentic learning through the use of Skype.


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