Learning Log – “Goodreads”
July 11, 2011, 1:23 PM
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Link to my Goodreads bookshelf:

The bookshelf I created is for the activity of running.  While I will probably not dedicate a unit specifically to running, running plays a role in all units in Physical Education.  Many PE classes utilize running as a daily warmup activity.  Running plays a major role in two of the units we spend a large amount of time covering, fitness and track & field.  The bookshelf contains books for all ages of runners.  I created the bookshelf for myself and other PE teachers to have a list of books on running, with most of the focus being on youth running.  While the bookshelf was created for PE teachers, parents and students could benefit from visiting the list as well.  Parents and their children can visit the bookshelf and check out the books on their own time.  This will give the students a little extra knowledge on what is being covered in our units.  It will also alert the parents to some of the key activities we are covering.  In an ideal world, parents and students would both check out the books and decide to do some running together in their free time.

Goodreads is a great site for putting together shelves of books you have read, are reading, or want to read.  The first thing I thought of when I visited the site was creating shelves for certain units we will be covering.  The shelves could be visited by fellow PE teachers, parents, and students.  The books on these shelves should help the PE teachers gain more knowledge on the topic.  They should also help students learn more about the activities and alert the parents to what is being covered in our classes.  It would be fantastic if I covered a unit in class and the student enjoyed that unit, decided to visited the Goodreads bookshelf for that unit, and read some of the books to learn more about the unit outside of class.  Hopefully they would share this with their parents and the parents could visit the bookshelf as well.  Ideally, the whole family starts reading the books and what started as a unit in PE class becomes an activity the whole family enjoys.

Goodreads gives you the option to join groups and have friends.  By joining these groups and having friends on the site, you get updates as they read new books, rate them, and review them.  This would be great if you were in a group of teachers that teach the same subject as you.  If someone in that group reads a great new book on your subject, you will be aware of this and can check the book out yourself.  By joining groups of people with similar interests and having friends on the site, you will likely have a certain amount of respect for their opinion.  If they say the new book is a good one, you are likely to believe them and want to check that book out.  It takes a lot of the guesswork out of trying to find a good book.  It also saves a lot of time wasted reading poor books.


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