Learning Log – iGoogle
July 11, 2011, 11:55 AM
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iGoogle is a great site for organizing all of your social networking sites and gadgets.   My iGoogle page can be extremely helpful with regards to teaching and learning.  The site is a one-stop shop to check in on your blog subscriptions, Twitter account, documents you’ve created within GoogleDocs, and much more.  By having access to all of this on one page, I will be able to stay on top of all of my sites and gadgets much more easily because I will not have to spend so much time checking on each site and gadget individually.  This will leave me more time for planning and instruction, which will benefit the students in the long run.  Having everything on one page also gives me the piece of mind that I will not miss anything.  With so many sites and gadgets, I could see forgetting about a few of them every now and then.  iGoogle will not allow you to forget.  All you have to do is add the site or gadget one time and it will be there every time. 

I recently subscribed to multiple PE and education blogs.  By having access to my Google Reader account on my iGoogle page, I am able to see recent posts from all of my blog subscriptions.  This saves me the time from having to visit each blog individually.  I also just created a Twitter account and am following many PE organizations.  By having access to my Twitter account from my iGoogle page, I can see recent tweets without having to log into Twitter separately.  All of the documents I create through GoogleDocs are also just a click away when I am on my iGoogle page.

The Google search box on the top of my iGoogle page is always nice to have.  I actually used it just moments ago when I had to search to find out how to take a screenshot.  I can also keep up with the weather, news, and sports scores from my iGoogle page.  I do not have a GMail email account, but if I did it would be extremely convenient to be able to see and my inbox from my iGoogle page.  I imagine that as I explore the iGoogle site and become more and more comfortable with it, I will find it even more useful.


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