Learning Log – Screencasting
June 28, 2011, 3:29 PM
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I had never seen a screencast, let alone create one prior to this module.   The most significant idea I am taking from the screencasting assignment is how much of an impact a screencast can have when the teacher cannot be there to assist the student.  One of the examples on Screencast-O-Matic is of a math teacher describing the law of sines.  Students could always go back to this screencast when they are having trouble with the law of sines.  They can watch and rewatch the screencast as many times as needed and can also just focus on certain parts of the screencast if they are having trouble with only certain areas.  This could be very helpful when students are at home, whether they are completing homework or studying for a quiz or test. 

In our discussion board, I caused quite a lengthy discussion when I brought up the idea that teachers could leave sceencasts behind when they are going to be absent and a substitute teacher will be covering their class.  I suggested that instead of leaving the substitute teacher in charge of teaching the lesson, a screencast can be used and you then know exactly what is being taught to the students.  Most agreed that they could be very useful for leaving behind with a substitute, but others did not agree as much.  I now think it depends on who will be teaching your class.  If you know the substitute and know they can follow your lesson plan without the assistance of a screencast, then I would not leave one.  However, if I am unsure of who will be substituting, leaving a short screencast that will just cover a small amount of the class period would provide me with ease of mind.  I would know at the very least, the message in my screencast is being sent to my students. 

As a future PE teacher, I could see using screencasting with certain websites.  There are great websites out there where students can complete exercise logs as well as gain access to tutorials on certain exercises.  I would screencast how to access these sites and take advantage of all of the great features they offer.

One of the downsides of screencasting I originally mentioned was how time-consuming they can be.  After creating one myself, it did not take as much time as I had expected.

Many people in the discussion board agreed when it came to the benefits screencasting could solve in regards to professional development.  I mentioned how my practicum school was piloting an online gradebook program where parents were given access to the teacher’s online gradebooks throughout the marking periods.  This was a new program and some teachers were nervous about it.  A screencast of how to properly and efficiently enter grades and make them available to be viewed would give the teachers confidence in using the software.  It would also give the administration piece of mind that the parents will see uniformity and professionalism when they log in to check their child’s progress in each and every one of their different classes.  

Screencasting definitely addresses AASL Indicator 3.3: Information technology.  The indicator states: ” Candidates demonstrate their ability to design and adapt relevant learning experiences that engage students in authentic learning through the use of digital tools and resources. Candidates model and facilitate the effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research, learning, creating, and communicating in a digital society.”  Creating a screencast by using Screencast-O-Matic allowed me to meet this standard.  Using the web tool that was the subject of our screencast also allowed me to meet this standard.


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