Learning Log – Digital Storytelling
June 28, 2011, 3:56 PM
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The big idea I will be taking away from the digital storytelling assignment is how digital stories are a great way to create not-so-conventional learning experiences.  Digital storytelling can be used in all subjects.  The stories can be fiction or non-fiction.  The traditional development of a story and creative writing are still important aspects of digital storytelling.  The story does not end there however, the addition of the digital aspects is what makes this not-so-conventional.

A con of digital storytelling is the amount of time it takes to create a story.  Instead of just developing the story and writing it, students need plenty of additional class time to add audio, select video and photos, and edit their stories.  Another con is the equipment needs.  Each student needs access to a computer with the proper software, audio equipment, and video or photo equipment.  This equipment can be rather costly.  Hopefully the school can meet these equipment needs.  Chances are the student will not have all of this equipment available to them at home.  That means there will be very little time spent on this assignment outside of the classroom.   Others on the discussion board tended to agree with me on these being the biggest cons of digital storytelling.

As a future PE teacher, I could see using a digital story at the beginning of class as an anticipatory set for that day’s lesson.  If you’re teaching the basketball unit and the lesson that day focuses on dribbling, you could show a quick digital story with all sorts of photos of proper dribbling techniques.  You could show photos from men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and include different levels from recreational leagues to the professionals.  The goal would be to help the students make a connection of why this lesson is important and how it will impact them.  I tried to accomplish this with the digital story I created for an activator for a baseball or softball unit.

I had some difficulties using My Movie to create my digital story.  I was unable to find a way to add narration over my photos.  Because of that, I added audio by utilizing my webcam and introducing the photos and then summarizing the photos once they had been shown.  When watching my digital video after it was embedded onto this blog, I noticed a lag in the audio behind the video.  At certain times, my mouth is moving but the wrong words are coming out.  I’m guessing this could be because I do not have the highest quality webcam.  Maybe my computer is just running a little slow since I’ve been on it all morning and afternoon creating the story.  Anyway, it was a fun experience and I know I will only get better with the process as I continue to use it.

The digital storytelling assignment, like the screencasting assignment, addressed AASL Indicator 3.3: Information technology.  The indicator states: ” Candidates demonstrate their ability to design and adapt relevant learning experiences that engage students in authentic learning through the use of digital tools and resources. Candidates model and facilitate the effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research, learning, creating, and communicating in a digital society.”  This indicator was met by using My Movie, a webcam, a digital camera, and the microphone on my computer.  Several different pieces of technology went into the creation of my story and the use of those tools helped me meet this indicator.


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