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June 22, 2011, 1:32 PM
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I created a Flickr Slide Show titled “Throwing Balance.”  Visit the slide show here:

This set of photos supports Standard 2 of the Maryland State Curriculum for High School Physical Education: Biomechanical Principles.  More specifically, it supports indicator 2.B.1.: “Analyze the concept of balance in complex movement patterns.”  The photos show 6 different balance points throughout the throwing process.  Throwing is a complex movement pattern and the photos in this set break the pattern down and draw attention to the crucial parts throughout the process where balance is key. 

I would plan for students to interact with this Flickr set at the beginning of units and lessons where throwing is involved.  While going through the set, I would point out the positioning of my feet, hands, and the changes in my center of gravity.  Instead of having the students just sit back and view the set, I would have them stand up and try to mimic the photos themselves.  This would allow me to walk amongst the students and check on their progress.  The set is strictly of photos of the right-handed throwing process with a baseball.  However, the same process can be applied to softball, football, and many other activities that involve throwing.  I would also have to explain the differences for left-handed throwers.  Flickr sets like this are a quick way to show proper form to the students.  They allow me to get the students up and active during demonstration while also freeing me up to check on their progress.  If I were demonstrating the process live, I would not be able to walk amongst them and check on their progress while they still have the visual of proper form.

The set could also be used at the end of a lesson that involves throwing as a quick recap of what was covered and accomplished that day.


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Good stuff! I think that will translate well to the students. Although, that junk would have been taken YARD!!!

Comment by slm508atb

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