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June 20, 2011, 1:44 PM
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This was my first experience with Flickr.  I had heard of Flickr before but had only really thought of it in terms of sharing photos with friends and family.  I had not realized the potential for using Flickr in the classroom.  As a future PE teacher, I immediately began thinking about how photos from Flickr could add to my lessons.  The first thing I thought of was using these photos to display proper technique when teaching different skills to the students.  Instead of just demonstrating everything myself, like usual, using photos from Flickr allows the students to see a new demonstrator.  Flickr allows me to find photos of professionals completing certain skills.  Although I like to think of myself as well versed in many and most skills in PE, I am not a professional.  Access to these photos of professionals can reinforce what I am teaching and demonstrating. 

I created this Flickr Gallery,, for use in a weight training unit.  The photos I selected are from Flickr member Fit Junction.  Besides the Flickr account, Fit Junction is an online community where members share health and fitness stories, articles, and videos.  These photos show perfect form and technique being used by a very physically fit man as he completes a variety of weightlifting exercises.  I would still demonstrate the exercises myself so the students could see the exercise being completed properly in real-time.  The photos would serve as reinforcement to these demonstrations.  I would point out the most important parts from the photos for the students to focus on.  Some of these areas of focus would be keeping their back straight, proper bending of the knees, and proper head position.  The gallery could remain on the screen in the weight room throughout the class period so the students could look back to the photos at any point during the class.


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Great idea, especially for the weight room. Those kids have terrible technique that could lead to injury.

Comment by slm508atb

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