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June 7, 2011, 1:31 PM
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The Mac Lab,, is a high school blog for the school’s Mac Lab.  The instructor for the Mac Lab posts to the blog weekly.  The posts include assignments, reminders, quotes, and pretty much anything and everything the students need to know.  The blog has links for students, teachers, parents, and visitors.  I think it is a great idea that all four of those groups are involved.  The blog is for everyone and that can only benefit the students in the long run. 

The post for week 33 of the school year, “Game On! (Week 33),” ( includes the assignment for that week including a quote about the subject of the assignment.  There are links to videos and instructions on the assignments as well.  This blog does a great job of getting the assignments out there and using many different delivery channels.  It is a perfect blog for a high school Mac Lab or computer lab where students are on the computer throughout the class.  It is an example of the teacher being able to apply what is being taught.

Billings Beta,,  is a middle school blog and it focuses on student’s experiences using technology and the effects the use of this technology has.  The blog does a great job of capturing how the school uses technology and posts almost weekly including plenty of pictures of the students in action.

The post from April 1st of this year, “The Battle of Fredericksburg,” ( is a short post about the 7th grade’s recreation of some of the battles of the Civil War.  The students videotaped some of these recreations and the blog has a link to this particular video.  This is a great use of technology to show the student work.

Grades 1 and 2 at Ancaster Meadow School, , is an elementary school blog.  The purpose of the blog is to connect the classroom to the outside world as the teacher hopes to learn from parents and educators from all over.  Posts are made weekly and include plenty of pictures and videos of the students at work.

The post from May 6th of this year, “Not a Traditional Classroom,” ( is a great example of how wonderful this blog is.  The teacher explains how she incorporated technology into that day’s assignment and there is video of the children at work.  The teacher blogs about the benefits of learning by doing and I couldn’t agree with her more.  I am a big believer in the benefits of learning by getting your hands in there and actually doing the work yourself.

All three of these blogs were fantastic.  It was great to see the quality and amount of technology used did not differ much at all three levels.  It is great that so much technology can be used and taught at the elementary school level.  I am a big believer that the earlier we can get the students taking advantage of all of this technology, the better we will all be in the long run.  The blogs are not only a great tool for the students but they also allow the parents to see what is going on in their child’s classroom.  They also allow other teachers to see what is going on at these schools and gives them the ability to share ideas.

Seeing what these teachers have done has given me some ideas on how to incorporate blogs in my classroom.  As a future P.E. teacher, I have to keep my kids physically active while in my class but I could produce my own blog with some at home exercises and activities the students may enjoy.  The activities can build on the lessons of that day/week.  I can also post what we have been doing in class to inform parents while also making suggestions of how the parents can get involved with their children’s physical education at home.  I can also encourage comments from other educators on what we are doing and learn from their different viewpoints and experiences.  The opportunities really are endless.  Showing other teachers in my building these school blogs should encourage them to give blogging a try.  The comments left by other teachers alone is enough of a benefit to prove that these blogs have a real purpose.  The sharing of thoughts and ideas from other professionals on professional blogs can only help one continue to develop professionally.


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I really like your idea on how to incorporate blogging with your P.E. class. Incorporating technology with a P.E. class can be pretty tough, but it seems like you have some really good ideas. I also thought including parents with their child’s blog was a great way, as you said, to get them involved in their child’s physical fitness. I think that is an area parents often overlook, they assume if their child is getting an A, then they must be doing fine, which isn’t always the case.

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