Learning Log – NETS Standards
June 7, 2011, 2:20 PM
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Reading through the national standards and the implementation plan Carroll County has set up really awakened me to how large of a role technology now plays in our schools.  It is a role that will continue to expand.  I considered myself relatively computer savvy before beginning this module but I now realize that I have some catching up to do.  Yes, I am going to be a P.E. teacher and maybe technology will not have a huge impact inside my gym but it will have a huge impact in the lives of each and every one of my students.  For that reason alone, it is important that I familiarize myself and get caught up with everything that is going on in today’s tech world.  I can start doing this by subscribing to education newsletters and blogs that focus on technology and the role it plays in our schools going forward.

Professional development and instructional integration are two of the main areas of focus for the implementation plan in Carroll County.  That tells me the county thinks it is very important for its faculty members to be able to use this technology and implement it into their lessons.  As a student not too far off from graduation, that lets me know that any type of technological training or even familiarity can only help when it comes to my future job search.

One of the objectives for this module was to evaluate my level of “readiness” to meet these standards.  This module has confirmed that my “readiness” could use a boost and this course is already helping me with that.



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