Learning Log – Digital Dossier
June 7, 2011, 2:33 PM
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I’ve been well aware of what a negative digital footprint can do to a young professional for years now.  I’m sure many of us have heard stories of someone getting fired for inappropriate photos on a social networking site.  The fact is that everyone is online these days and you have to be incredibly careful about what you post.  The only networking site I currently belong to is LinkedIn and that was done strictly for professional reasons.  Because of that, all of the information on that profile is professional and is perfectly acceptable as I look to start teaching in the next couple years.  While I was well aware of the damage a negative digital footprint could do, I had never really thought about how much good a positive footprint can do.

Getting your name out there in the industry where you are looking to work is a wonderful idea.  If a potential employer does decide to Google me, imagine how impressed they would be if my name comes up as a member of multiple P.E. associations and as someone who has made positive contributions to industry newsletters.  In these days where everyone is online, it can only help to get as much positivity linked to your name as possible.

Getting my blog set up and subscribing to other blogs is just one small step towards building a positive digital footprint and web presence, as stated in one of the objectives for this module.


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