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June 7, 2011, 2:59 PM
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Nothing quite like posting on your blog about other blogs and the act of blogging itself. 

I was amazed at the quality of the blogs I visited when searching for teacher and school blogs.  I was aware these blogs were out there but I had never visited one.  I especially liked how many of the blogs were not just for students, or parents, or teachers.  They were for everyone.  The students could find assignments or watch videos and look at pictures of themselves in action.  The parents can see what is going on in their child’s classrooms.  Other teachers can see how certain lessons are being taught and share some insight themselves.  The blogs open the classroom up to the world.

Incorporating blogs into my future P.E. classes is something I could definitely see as being beneficial.  Students should be encouraged to look for blogs on activities they have enjoyed participating in during class.  Because of time constraints during a class period, we may not be able to get too in-depth with our activities.  These blogs will allow them to do so.  I can also have my own blog for students, parents, and other teachers.  I can share what we are doing in class while giving ideas for at home activities for the students and their parents as well.  I will welcome the sharing of ideas from other teachers on this blog as well.  The opportunities really are endless when it comes to blogging.  I should know, I am an expert blogger of about 6 hours or so.

One of the objectives of this module was to build a web presence through blogging and my presence has been built.  I have a feeling there will be plenty more building to come and I hope I learn as much from those modules as I did in this one.


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Blogging the results of track and field, speedball, and hoop it up would have been a good idea at Sykesville!!

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