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June 7, 2011, 12:31 PM
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The first educator blog I visited was Teacher Tom’s,  Tom is a preschool teacher who blogs about teaching and what his kids teach him.   His topics range from teaching and community to superheroes and Mister Rogers.

 Today’s post by Teacher Tom, “Our Schools are Succeeding” is right on the main page and it is all about how teachers and our public schools are not what is worrying him about the future of education.  What is worrying Tom is the increased focus on standardized testing and vocational training as opposed to a well-rounded education for our students.  Tom posts proof that schools are indeed succeeding.  The percentage of those earning high school diplomas is rising, average SAT and ACT scores are up, and U.S. elementary and middle schools are among the top developed countries when it comes to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study.

The second educator blog I visited was Mr. Robbo’s,  Mr. Robbo calls himself the “P.E. Geek” as he is a physical education teacher who appears to use quite a bit of technology in his classes.  He seems to post a couple of times a month about ideas he has for this classes.  At the end of the blogs he asks for feedback from readers.

I visited a post from April of this year, “Reclaiming Physical Activity Time,” ( because as a future P.E. teacher I know how we never seem to have enough time.  We want the kids to be active for as long as possible but we need to get our lessons across at the same time.  Mr. Robbo decides that assigning a little homework is the way to solve this problem.  The homework is completed so the students can use their in-class time being physically active.

The third educator blog I visited was by the Scholastic Scribe,  The blog focuses on lessons learned in the classroom and beyond.  The Scholastic Scribe posts frequently about what goes on in her classroom and also posts a lot of poetry.

I visited a post from November 2010, “With Eyes Wide Open,” ( because the picture caught my attention.  She posted about a troublesome student and how she attempted to deal with the problem. 

The three blogs I visited were not so much about incorporating them into their classroom.  They were more about sharing ideas and thoughts with other teachers and individuals.  As a future P.E. teacher I could see incorporating blogs into my classroom by encouraging students to visit blogs on activities we participate in during class that they seem to enjoy.  As a future P.E. teacher, my goal is to find at least one activity each students enjoys participating in and hope they will continue with that activity once they have left my school.  Blogs about activities they have an interest in will hopefully strengthen that interest and get us closer to that goal.

The blogs I visited are great examples to show to teachers in my building and encourage them to give blogs a try.  The posts I focused on above are about teachers sharing thoughts and ideas on the status of today’s schools, on assignments, and on a behavior issue.   One of the most important things we can do as educators is listen to others and share ideas.  Blogs give you that option and can give you points of view from not only different schools, but different counties, states, and even countries.

Professional blogs can obviously do wonders with professional development.  The sharing of ideas with other professionals can open your mind greatly.  It is always beneficial to get different viewpoints.  Blogging allows you to share thoughts and ideas with other professionals from all over the world.


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Great work entering the PE profession. You are certainly switched onto the power of the web for learning. Keep it up

Comment by mrrobbo

I enjoyed reading your post and your thoughts on blogging. I am curious to hears your thoughts on assigning homework in a P.E. class though. Would you assign homework? P.E. was a class you could always count on for not having any homework in, so it is interesting to see teachers actually assigning homework for that class. I am not so sure how the students would feel about it though…

Comment by TDixon

You make a great point. Assigning homework in PE is a bold move. I don’t think I would assign any mandatory homework. I do like the idea of giving the students a chance to earn some extra credit by doing some extra work at home. Having the students complete an exercise log to keep track of what they do at home and having their parents sign off on it is one way to get the students to stay active at home while involving the parents as well.

Comment by sfredrick12

all valid points but please be aware that in some countries including Australia and other progressive countries around the world, Physical Education involves more than just the Physical Activity. The curriculum helps students explore their understanding of their bodies and health across many areas. This makes the act of Physical Activity or the traditional PE and the theoretical aspects linked. With this in mind, homework becomes a possible tool for learning.

I would also recommend reading more into the idea of ‘Flipping the Classroom” which is what my original blog post was about. Very interesting stuff indeed

Comment by mrrobbo

I really enjoyed reading your articles related to technology in physical education. After having my practicum with a teacher who uses a lot of technology as well, I have found it very important to incorporate technology into everyones curriculum. Technology is going to keep getting more advanced so teachers need to stay up with the current times.

There is a lot a teacher can do with technology, but in physical education we need to make sure we are meeting the requirements of activity time. With the current technology of the Wii and Xbox Xinect, exergames are becoming more popular among the student population. These games even provide exercise to students who may not even enjoy sports very much. With the school budgets getting tighter, physical education teachers need to ensure these students have physical activity. One way to make sure physical education stays in schools is to have a good program that incorporates new technology as well.

Comment by SLM508TBS

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